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Something for Everyone

Cinema Museum Kennington

Wednesday 25th May to include the formal tour and tea. Cost per member £10


Barnsgate Vineyard

The organised visit includes a tour of the vineyard, lunch, wine and coffee. The cost per member is £!8


Presidents Lunch - Newcastle

This lunch will take place in Newcastle on Wednesday 19th October

Presidents Lunch - Glasgow

This lunch will take place in Glasgow on Thursday 20th October.

In both cases letters will be sent to those Members in these areas




Event Description

Book Launch, Fundraiser and Q&A with Philanthropist Laurie Marsh

You are invited to join one of the world's most active and successful philanthropists, Laurie Marsh, at London's fabulous Cinema Museum.

The Cinema Museum is one of the many organisations Laurie has warmly supported over the years and a fitting venue to celebrate the launch of his new book: The Philanthropist's Tale (published by Urbane Publications). The evening will include a drinks reception (the first drink will be on the house, after that the bar is open for you to purchase whatever you may like), a guided tour of the Museum, a free copy of the new book, the chance to meet Laurie Marsh and have your book signed, light snacks, and a Q&A session hosted by Martin Humprhries, co-founder of The Cinema Museum.

Guests are encouraged to kindly make a donation (of around £20+) to support The Cinema Museum on arrival.

Schedule for the event

Drinks reception: 1800-1830

Tour of the Cinema Museum by Martin Humphries, co-founder of The Cinema Museum: 1830

Food provided and drinks can be purchased from the bar

Speech by Laurie followed by a Q&A (questions from guests will be welcome): 1915-1945

Book signing: 1945 onwards

Event ends around 2000-2030

Discussion points for the Q&A

Laurie will open up about his life, business deals, switch to philanthropy, and reasons for writing this book, including his decision to donate all his proceeds to charities and give the book freely to the charities he supports (including Medecins Sans Frontiers, Water Aid, The British Humanist Assocation, The Cinema Museum and Population Matters). In turn each of the charities are sending The Philanthropist's Tale as a gift to their donors, which is encouraging them to continue their own philanthropy. So far, hundreds of copies have already been gifted to donors with many more to be sent in the coming months. 

Laurie will also answer questions relating to his CFI plans and current work with schools in London to build homes for teachers on site, but also the impact of Brexit on the British economy, how triillions could be saved by local and national authorities better using their assets (hospitals, universities, parks, car parks etc), rather than relying on tax payers, and much, much more. Please join us for an engaging, entertaining and illuminating evening hosted by one of the most enigmatic philanthropists in the country.

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About the book

"From the streets of Lambeth to the glamour of LA, this is a compelling true story of rags to riches, and sharing those riches with others. From persuading Disney to license their characters for the first time outside the US, to convincing film stars to perform in low budget movies, Laurie Marsh has carved success from his confident, entrepreneurial, and collaborative approach to life. His philanthropic work reaches the levels of far more public "givers" such as Bill Gates. Now in his late eighties, Laurie still works every day, using his wealth and influence to help as many good causes and charitable organisations as he can, from building community centers to advising the British government on how to make the National Health Service self-sufficient. His is an inspirational and fascinating story."